No one device is best for all people with tinnitus. At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, we offer a variety of products that can help with the variety of problems tinnitus sufferers face. Your audiologist will discuss these devices with you to find the ones that will be most useful for you.

Tinnitus Treatment Devices
Sound Cure Serenade
Neuromonics Oasis

Assistive Tinnitus Devices
MP3 Players
Sound Pillows (for use with iPods, radios, MP3 devices, etc.)
Sound Machines (for table top or bedside)

Wearable Sound Generators (Maskers)
Tranquil Custom In-The-Ear
Simply Tranquil soft readywear
Tranquil Simplicity On-The-Ear

Combination Sound Generators and Hearing Instruments
Tranquil Combo
ReSound Live 9TS
ReSound Alera 9TS, 7TS, and 5TS
ReSound Verso 9TS, 7TS
Widex Mind 440